View Active Alarms by Building & Criticality

Get live alarm data from each of your buildings all in one place. Alarms can also be sorted by criticality

Acknowledge Alarms Anywhere

Actively acknowledge alarms on the go with just your mobile. You can also submit an alarm specific note with each acknowledgement.

Full Alarm History

You can view the full history of each alarm and its notes to aid in recurrent fault finding and diagnosis.

Save time and hassle

Deal with alarms on the go from your phone. No need for laptops, VPN or BMS software. Just click and go.

The Future Decisions Alarm App allows you to receive BMS alarms on your android or apple mobile. Push notifications will alert you to any change in the alarm condition within the alarm system even when the app is closed.

The app will save you time, hassle and expense compared to the usual requirement for VPN’s, Laptops, Passwords and of course the correct software. This can now all be replaced securely with your mobile phone.

Main Menu

The main summary menu displays each building's alarm status.

You are presented with the total number of active and critical alarms. The number of alarms that are now in ‘Normal’ but as yet unacknowledged condition are also shown.

Selecting any building will provide a more detailed view of that building's alarm condition.


Alarm View

The detailed alarm view will allow you to list active alarms by time created, duration active, condition status such as normal or in alarm.

You are also provided with ‘Ack All Normal’ and an ‘Ack All Alarm’ buttons should you need to clear all alarms and normal conditions from the system with one click.

Selecting any of the individual alarms from the list will present you with the specific conditions causing the selected alarm.

Acknowledgement View

The detailed alarm view allows you to add a note and acknowledge that alarm or view past notes (the alarm history) associated with the alarm.


An account on the Digital Building Platform is required for the apps to function correctly.

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