The seamless and secure linking of the BMS world with the Digital Building Platform requires a full understanding of controls and the technology used to deliver it. To that end Future Decisions have developed all our BMS layer code to work within Tridium’s Niagara Framework.

Developing within the Tridium Niagara Framework means all our code can be used with the confidence that it will function within the capabilities of the framework and without affecting incumbent systems and processes. If you know Niagara you can use our software and services.

Capability to develop at the Niagara or BMS layer means that as this layer evolves we can not only match it but augment it with the additional capabilities of our cloud platform, future proofing your choice to work with us.

In addition to our Digital Building Platform Niagara Service, we have on request developed bespoke components to solve client needs for small and big projects alike.

If you require an application developed within Niagara please get in touch.

Condensation Controller (Component)

The Condensation calculator is designed to predict the likelihood of condensation at any cold surface within an enclosed space. For commercial buildings, this tool can replace the need for humidity sensors on HVAC chilled water pipework. Please contact us to know more.


NETIO PowerCable REST 101x

NETIO PowerCable REST 101x is a smart WiFi power socket able to measure electricity consumption and switch its output on/off with state feedback.

Future Decisions has developed a Niagara 4 component that allows direct control of the plug from Workbench with integrated state alarms for appliances that get disconnected or switched (determined by current draw).

Also Supported:

  • NETIOPowerBOX3Px

Purashield500 - NETIO

The Purashield500 NETIO is a component for the PowerCable REST 101x but with specific features related to the use of the PuraShield500 Air Sanatizers operations. The Purashield has three fan settings and the rate of airflow over the chemical filters determines its lifetime. The component uses the current levels to determine the rate of flow and thus the lifetime of the filters and chemical media.

The Purshiled500 is proven effective against Sars-Cov-2.


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