The Digital Building Platform collects, manages and analyses all building data augmenting control systems with its artificial intelligence engine to increase fault tolerance, provide predictive maintenance and optimise control operations. As exciting as this is it all operates in the background with little feedback for the users.

This is where our UX (Next Gen) technology brings everything to life.

Our UX is powered with 3D gaming technology allowing the user a new and intuitive way of interacting with building data and operations. The game engine uses the core web technologies of the Digital Building Platform to acquire the data bringing it to life. As with any modern gaming engine It can also connect to other external systems so data possibilities are endless.

Our next-generation user interfaces work on everything from kiosks, tables and mobile devices providing an intuitive & interactive touch screen experience for all users.

See below for some examples of what we can achieve when data visualization and user interaction are combined. Please get in touch if you are looking for user experience occupants won't soon forget.




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